Aaron Carpella~Native Nations Map

Aaron Carpella~Native Nations Map

Law Seminars International  Law Seminars International is dedicated to bringing you important current information on the legal and business developments that you need for your professional success. Our faculty members are at the top of their profession and provide invaluable practical and strategic advice.

Falmouth Institute  In 1985, Falmouth Institute was founded to provide quality and comprehensive education and information services to the North American Indian community. Since then, we have dedicated our organizational strength toward assisting our clients in addressing the challenges posed by self-governance issues and policies developed by government agencies entrusted to assist Indian tribes. We are proud to have worked with nearly all of the Indian nations in the United States, meeting their complex, ever-changing educational needs and assisting them in refining or restructuring their organizations.

ICC Indian Enterprises  ICC is a training and consulting company on “Federal Indian Lands.”  Our home is mobile the way our people lived a century ago. We live throughout Indian Country.  At the present time we are working with tribes on preparing for Termination.  If we are not prepared for today’s termination policies it will be devastating.  If we are prepared we will not only survive but we will thrive!

Indian Non-Intercourse Act

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