Native Mission

The Native Nations Land Service mission is dedicated to promoting Tribal nations in strengthening self-governance and sovereignty by assisting Tribes to re-acquire seated territorial lands, providing ancillary fee-to-trust acquisition services.

Fee-to-Trust Conversion aka Land-into-trust acquisition is a critical part of Tribal land Management:

Having fee simple lands transferred into federal trust status is a powerful tool for making reservations whole and protecting Indian lands for the future generations. When fee lands are returned to trust, Indian nations and people begin to eliminate the checkerboard pattern of trust and fee lands and regain control of lands on the reservation. Jurisdictional authority is crucial for Tribal self-governance.

Trust lands are protected from sale or default to non- Indians, are free from county taxation and are within tribal jurisdictional authority. Having lands in trust status also allows individual Indian landowners and tribes to take advantage of federal programs which are restricted to trust lands, such as opportunities for business development, housing, environmental and cultural protection.

BIA Regions Map

BIA Regions Map

                                                                           Territory Original

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