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Indian Nations

While due diligence and persistence are critical for land into trust (fee-to-trust) completion, it is important to have proactive, professional and experienced representation providing an in depth knowledge of the constantly changing federal standards process, with real estate, title, and surveys expertise.

Native Nations Land Service provides ancillary project management experience to Tribes who are insistent about defending Tribal jurisdictional authority and asserting sovereignty through land into trust transfer. Project management services and expertise include:

  • Real Estate brokerage service for Tribal land acquisitions/disposals
  • Acquisition of lands into trust processed in accordance with federal policy standards
  • Historical title chain reviews and clearing land titles of encumbrances for marketability and federal standards in compliance with Justice Department Standards (ALTA U.S. Pol-9/28/91) including; rights-of-way, easement, encroachment negotiation.
  • ASTM standards contaminants surveys in accordance with National Enviromental Policy Act  (NEPA) compliance for categorical exclusions; using 602 DM 2 ESA ASTME 1527 standard practice.
  • Land surveys to Certified Federal Surveyors (CFeDs) standards ensuring that the USDOI BLM, Chief Cadastral Surveyor will accede to both Chain of Survey and Land Description Review
  • Cultural resource surveys, resulting in Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) concurrence for archaeological and historical protection under National Historic Preservation Act  (NHPA 36 CFR 61) and Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) .
  • Liaison with regard to FTT processes to inter-Tribal Resource Protection programs, BIA, Tribes and State/County/Local officials and public:
    • Tax Exemption Requests
    • Public Notice/Affidavit and Comments
    • Preliminary/Final Title Opinion (non-encumbered and justifiably encumbered)
    • Deed Drafting, Recording and Conveyance

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